Introduction to plentymarkets

Introduction to plentymarkets

Are you thinking about using plentymarkets and would like to clarify important questions or do you need support with the implementation?

Introduction to plentymarkets

Use Cases

Introduction of multi-channel software
Have you not yet used a central software solution for your e-commerce and would now like to take your company to the next level?
Switching to plentymarkets
Are you already using software but are dissatisfied with the functions? Are you thinking about switching to plentymarkets?
D2C strategies with plentymarkets
As a manufacturer, would you like to implement a D2C strategy and use plentymarkets as dedicated software for your marketplace business?

Answers to your questions

  1. Can plentymarkets fulfill our requirements?
  2. What aspects should I consider in the context of multichannel operations?
  3. How should a specific implementation plan be structured?
  4. What expenses should I include in the overall setup calculation?
  5. How can I learn to use plentymarkets effectively?

Our services

We support you in the introduction of Plentymarkt in a structured and comprehensive manner

Answers to your questions about plentymarkets

Together, we will discuss your requirements and outline initial solutions

Holistic implementation strategies

We bring all aspects together and develop a holistic implementation strategy

Onboarding plan and ongoing service by com·create

Training to get your employees ready for everyday tasks with plentymarkets. If you have complicated requirements or problems, our support team is here to help!

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You are welcome to us contact to address your requirements and questions in a free introductory call to discuss.

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