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Information about the connection and features

Certified Plenty agency

Over 10 years of experience with plentymarkets

Connection via plugin
mittels Plugin

Direct integration into your plenty system

All functions incl.

  • Order processing
  • Inventory comparison
  • Product upload

Costs and models

Done with you

  • 650 EUR One Time
  • 99 EUR per month
  • From 3 marketplaces 79,90 EUR per month

Done for you

Our prices are individually tailored based on various factors such as the number of your articles, the diversity of your range, and the breadth of your distribution channels.

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Which marketplaces can I use with the plugin?

You can use our plugin to access all marketplaces that are based on Mirakl technology.

These include, for example, Leroy Merlin, Douglas, Home24, XXXLutz, Bild.de, Hornbach, and over 100 more.

With the help of our Marketplace Finder, you can not only identify the optimal platforms but also ensure that as a plentymarkets merchant, you can easily connect these marketplaces with our plugin.

You can find our Marketplace Finder at the following link:


How is the product upload done

Our connection is designed so that you can fully control the marketplaces from plentymarkets as usual.

Therefore, you can also carry out the product upload using our plugin. For this purpose, we use the catalogs within plentymarkets to transfer the product data to the respective platforms.

What are the costs if I use the plugin

We offer two models for our connections.

1. “Done with you”: We carry out the connection together. We will assist you with the initial configuration and give you access to our tutorials. You will prepare the product and offer data yourself, and our customer success team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

expenses: one-time installation fee of 650€ + monthly costs of 99.90 €/marketplace (from 3 connections 79,90 €/month and marketplace)

2. “Done for you”: Here, we handle the entire integration for you. Along with the initial setup, we also prepare the products for the respective marketplaces. This enables you to start right away, knowing precisely what costs you will incur and when sales can commence.

Are there additional costs for using several country shops (e.g. Leroymerlin.fr, Leroymerlin.es)

If you want to serve several country shops, there is no additional cost.

How does onboarding work? Will I receive assistance with the connection?

We support you with the connection and carry out the configuration step by step together. If you opt for our “Done for you” version, we will also upload the product for you so that you can start selling right away.

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